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5 Myths About

So, you want extensions, but you keep hearing all the horror stories from people who have had bad experiences. You've heard the rumors, and you want to know, once and for all, is it true what they say?

Let's dive deep into some common misconceptions of extensions so you can make a better decision for yourself on whether they're a good fit for you! (*hint* they probably are a good fit)

I get a little nerdy when it comes to this stuff. I do my research and want to give you a black and white answer so that you have all the information and aren't left wondering "What the F is this chick talking about?!" 

Let's get started!

Do extensions cause damage to your natural hair or make your hair thinner?


No, with proper installation and at home care, damage and thinning should stay clear


The truth is, at first, most guests seem to baby the crap out of their extensions when they first get them installed. Just like with anything, right? But once you get used to having them there, they become second nature. They're just there and it's no big thang. However, as your stylist, I can tell when your extensions aren't being taken care of as well and, in turn, your hair is taking that beating as well.


Something as simple as the way you brush your extensions can change things up dramatically and it's important to know how to properly do it. Having a stylist put too much hair that your natural hair can't handle will damage your hair pretty quickly. Not taking proper night time care can result in matting. Improper use of products can dry your extensions out and also cause tangles that can lead to matting if not addressed quickly.

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